Tips on becoming more confident

Hey guys hope you have had a good week. I thought that I would give tips on something that I have struggled a lot with in my teenage years and that is how to be confident in your own skin. So here is a few things that I have learnt that have helped!

1. Ditch the toxic friends

One of the biggest things that I have realised over the years is that my confidence can be built up or torn down by the people I spend the most time with. The ones who boost me up, make me feel valued and make me hold my head high, are the friends who are still in my life today. At times I have had friends who have made me feel unattractive, stupid, and like I couldn’t compete, but those are the friends that are no good. A friendship is about mutually adding value and amazing memories to each others life. Even if you adore the friend who makes you feel self conscious, sometimes they can be part of the problem.

2. Fake it until you make it

Another thing that I have learnt over time is that you can pretend to be confident and unless there is someone who know you inside and out, most people will buy into it. I began faking confidence to people around me, and eventually began to feel it until the point of not needing to pretend anymore. Most of it is all in your head, so it’s all about trying to see yourself as positively as everyone around you see you.

3. Exercise

This is one I never believed would actually work. Exercising is amazingly helpful when it comes to feeling more confident. Exercise releases the endorphin hormone, which is a natural mood booster within the body. So get drinking water and jump on that treadmill!


Socialising is incredibly important for me personally, as I feel happy around other people. When I lock myself in my room and shy away from people, it makes me feel more isolated and as a result less confident. I am not saying that you should constantly socialise but take a small amount of time in your day to just call someone, go for coffee or lunch and just catch up.

5. Treat yourself

The last thing that I would recommend to boost the ego is some time out to treat yourself in your own way. Whether that is reading a book, pampering your body, watching a film, do something which makes you happy.

So there you have it. 5 of my favourite tips to help create a more confident you!

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