Food shopping tips (student edition)

This week I thought I would do a student tips for the food shop post, since it’s getting to that time of year where we need to save that little bit extra. So whether you are a Sainsbury’s stud or an Asda’s addict, here are a few budget saving ideas that you can sink your teeth into:

1. Go Value

The biggest and main tip I would suggest is to go value, as your wouldn’t believe how much you could save (at least £10 a shop!). There is sometimes a stigma over the taste of value products, however as a student whose gone from Sainsbury’s steak to Asda’s value fish fingers, I can honestly say that with majority of the products, you really can’t taste the difference and it is just programmed into our heads that it won’t taste as good which is not true. The value life really is an efficient way of saving an extra few pennies on your food shop.

2. Meal Prep

This next one is not just for the typical gym goer. Food prep is the way forward as you wouldn’t believe how much the odd mayo chicken can add up to on your bank account! Plan your dinners for the week before your food shop and eat breakfast before you go out for the day to university or work. Another thing to do would be to make packed lunches for yourself to take to prevent the urge to splurge while out and about. Even if you just have a packed lunch every other day, it can still save you a fortune!

3. Write a list (and stick to it!)

Before you food shop, ALWAYS write a list and remember to stick to it. It will be a massive life saver and efficient. Sometimes on a food shop you end up picking up sauces, treats and luxuries that you may not actually need for the week. Sticking to a list helps minimise the need to buy super expensive shower gel when you already have two bottles at home..

4. Food shop with the housemates

A good way of saving money is to do a food shop and split it with the housemates. My food shop costs me £20 for 1-2 weeks worth of food. That’s including breakfast, snacks, lunch foods, and hearty dinners such as chilli con carne and toad in the hole. Shopping with housemates and cooking lunches/dinners with them is a big saver.

So there we have it. A few quick and easy tips to save the bucks, especially good when you need the extra cash for christmas prezzies!

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