Girl talk: Why is being picky a luxury?

Welcome to the start of this lovely journey on the road on loneliness and mojitos! The idea to write my embarrassing love life came to me during my 9am morning glass of lidl’s finest rose, so try to bear with me on this one. They say to blog about something personal to you and i figured what’s more personal that one’s love interests… or lack of!

As a student at the tender age of 20, I had been under the impression that it was okay to be single as ‘girls just want to have fun’, but I was mistaken(duh Duh DUHHHHH). It has become apparent that due to the lack of the word ‘teen’ at the end of my age, it’s now acceptable for family members to ask why there’s no nice man in my life while wondering if it is because i swing the other way or am crazy (it’s the latter Uncle Pete). Furthermore, every time I pop on Facebook someone my age is engaged or pregnant, yet I have only just mastered the washing machine and how to boil an egg. After all of this I am left wondering, am I just too picky/independent/off my trolley?

Therefore, with the help of my fellow students, I complied what I would or wouldn’t want in a guy to see if I am just too picky for my own good. DO’s included: Actually single, no children, over 5’9, at least within 10 years of my age and not younger, a steady income unless they’re also a student (then we can roll around in our pennies and coupons together) and not having taxidermist down as a hobby. Yes you heard me, I was actually told to specify that I don’t want a man who stuffs dead animals… some may say picky…i say not my style!

My peers and myself felt that it was not a picky list at all, yet a single, attractive man between 20-29, 5’9+, who actually likes me back and talks like a normal human? Well I am reaching for the stars apparently! When did it become bad to be picky? Now if I write a guy off because he reaches my boobs, my friends tut and sigh and give the whole ‘but he’s sweet’ spiel. But why can’t I? We live in a society where the new currency is Instagram likes and the calibre of men you match you on tinder, so if i want a guy to be tall enough that I don’t have to bend then picky I shall be!

So that’s just the start of my single ramblings and the next post will be on what I have learnt living with the messy housemate!

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