Student Life: Living Alone, with Friends, or the commute?

Hello Everyone! This weeks post is going to be a more student based post on the right living situation for you. I’ve lived in two different types of halls and one privately rented house and both situations have influenced what my living situation in the future will be like. So without further ado here are my pro and cons for a few options.

Living in Halls

I feel like halls is something that every student should experience, especially if they’re used to their parents doing a lot of things for them. Halls typically has 24 hour security as well as RA’s, who are students there to help and keep an eye on everyone. Most halls have weekly cleaners who help out, as well as making sure you maintain a tidy flat. They tend to be close to campus and they’re best for first years as that is the easiest way to meet friends at university that may not be on your course.


  • Close to Lectures and Seminars
  • Easy to meet friends
  • Part of a community
  • 24 Hour CCTV/Security


  • Harder to get into if you’re not a first year or international
  • Not for people who want to spend  a lot of time alone/ enjoy their personal space
  • Not completely adult living (Bills included, Termly payments, Cleaners)

Living in Private Housing

Living in private housing can be a tricky depending on which route you take. You can get a house directly through a landlord or through an agency. I would recommend going through a landlord as I have experienced both and was unfortunately messed around and taken advantage of by the agency. An agency is there to find a house for you and with that there is a cost. The difference between deposits for a student house through agency compared to through a landlord was a £1000 difference for me. If you do choose that agency is the route for you, i’d suggest looking at university adverts and through the normal right move. There are student versions, however I have found that agencies specifically catering for students take advantage of the fact that we have never rented or brought a house before.


  • Full adult experience paying bills and rent
  • A house is different than a flat and there’s more to keep clean
  • Learning to be respectful of neighbours
  • Learning to live with people from different walks of life and having to compromise
  • Being respectful of other housemates


  • Costs a lot more money
  • Can be further away from University which adds travel costs
  • Living with people that aren’t typically your type
  • Arguments and debates based on bills, cleanliness and noise

Commuting from home

I’ve never personally commuted from home, however I have known people to do it and their experiences from it. It is a money saver, however you’re less likely to attend parties in halls, be in the know about last minute events and nights within your university. It can be damaging as well, if you’ve never experienced or tried to live with different people.


  • Saves money
  • Within your comfort zone


  • Travel prices depending on how far you are
  • Missing out on the ‘student experience’
  • Not learning how to live differently/with other people
  • Harder to make friends
  • Can be isolating

Living alone

I’ve never lived alone, however from living in private housing it has made me realise that living alone is something I would like to do in the future. Not everyone can afford to do it as 1 bedrooms are more money and not affordable to all students. It creates more independence as you are completely on your own. Furthermore you do not need to worry about anyone else’s mess or them paying bills on time as you only have yourself to think about.


  • Only your bills to think about
  • Unlimited ‘Me Time’
  • Nobody else’s mess to clean up
  • Quieter
  • Shows maturity and independence


  • Can get lonely
  • Costs more to live alone in a studio

So there you have it. A few options and how good they are from my personal experience. I hope it helps any students during the house viewing panic!

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