Working Out for Happiness

Hey all, this is just a quick post on how to improve your well being if you’re feeling down. I’ve never really been bothered about the gym or becoming some fitness fanatic, but recently from my own experience I have started to change my tune. Living in London is great but in a city where a lot of people are out for themselves, it can get super lonely and grey at times. I had found myself in a slump, I wasn’t doing much with my free time other than netflix and amazon prime, I spent my days napping and essentially being a couch potato. Initially I joined the gym so I could burn off the takeaways and spoon’s lunches, but from doing that I’ve gained something that I never thought a cross trainer could be the cause of.

And that is happiness. Now i’m not saying that the treadmill is amazing or that the leg press has changed my life, but going to the gym has had a very quick effect on my emotions and mental happiness. It was noticeable within the first week that despite feeling sluggish, I had all this unused energy just bouncing about the joint. It’s helped me focus on work more, I feel the need to moan or get grumpy a hell of a lot less and obviously it helps with trying to sort that summer bod (might actually get there this year!)

I thought I’d take the time to do this short post to tell anyone feeling low or easily irritable to give it a go because you will notice the difference in your mood! I know doctors always say exercise is good for releasing endorphins, but until you notice it in your own body it’s hard to believe that a little biking can go a long way.

In conclusion, I’ve become a more relaxed person and don’t sweat the little things as much since making the gym part of my routine, and recommend it to any couch potatoes like me who feel like they are stuck in a rut!

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