Dating Apps: The good, the bad and the ugly

This post is long overdue and it is about the main thing wrong with our current society… DATING APPS. Now if you know me you’ll be reading this like, “Jess you use these apps, what you on?”, and honestly I have no actual reason for why I participate in this absolute rubbish. Other than it’s addictive. These apps consist of narrowing down the people you’re attracted to in your area, except these people are typically taken, braindead or crazy. It’s shallow and our selfie obsessed, filter adding, constantly vlogging society eat it up. Some apps are worse than others, but it isn’t until my nonna (Nan) questions how I have spent two years at university in London, and am yet to ‘find myself a lovely young man to bring home for dinner’. Well nana, I’m straight don’t worry and it’s not like we don’t try… but below is a lovely collection of what we actually get from potential suitors…




And the worst part of this? These are the clean, family friendly versions. Believe me when it gets so much more worse and any guys reading this- DO NOT GET YOUR LINES FROM GOOGLE! If there was ever a search engine that could ruin your chances of ever pulling, googles flirty chat up lines are not the one. The only dating app that these messages haven’t occurred is bumble. However, they’re all still similar in their messages and players!


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