10 things I wish I knew in secondary school

Good morning/afternoon/whenever you’re reading this, and welcome to this weeks post. I was looking back at some throw back pictures when I thought about what I wish I knew in secondary school.

Your eyebrows should not be filled in with black eye liner… EVER!

-It was the dark ages for my over plucked brows, filled in the collections sticky black kohl eye liner.

 art eyebrows frida kahlo unibrow GIF

Your teachers are not out to get you, they’re out to get you the best grades

-Spent a lot of time thinking my french and maths teachers wanted me dead…that may have been the case, but they also wanted me to shut up and do well.

 reaction angry teacher key and peele keegan michael key GIF

Yes, you are addicted to KFC, put down the hot wing mate

I went through an unhealthy stage of daily kfc munching, the snack box was my best friend and it wasn’t until I accidentally ate kfc three times in one day that I realised maybe I needed to rethink the diet.

 eating chicken rowan atkinson mr. bean GIF

Your best friend now may not be your best friend by the time you’re 21, and that’s okay

I had a couple of best friends that at the time I thought would be at my wedding and christening and around when i’m old and have grandkids, but life doesn’t work out like that. Sometimes your best friend is only meant to be in that chapter of your novel rather than the whole story and thats okay. Life moves on and so do you.

 movie love cute girl friends GIF

Your mum is always right, listen to her

I try to fight it, but my mum is rarely wrong…like ever! It drives me barmey, but you just have to learn to accept it and pay attention to her advice because its always good.

CBC funny comedy family mom GIF

Slamming your bedroom door multiple times will not get you want you want, it’ll just wind ya folks and break your door…

Yeah, I thought that trick worked, even though it had 0% effectivness in past experiences!

 lisa simpson the simpsons season 17 episode 2 pissed GIF

Caribbean Twist is like 4%, get off the floor you’re not drunk

Now I drink bottles of vodka and still balance in heels, how did I ever think that caribeean twist was getting me crunk? We all did it, stumbling around the house party or ‘camp outs’ with our blue tongues trying to be more like adults.

 fail drunk drunk fail GIF

Treasure your money now…you will be broke

I wish I had saved slightly more money from my first part time job, it makes life so much easier.

 kimmy schmidt broke unbreakable no money jcrew GIF

It isn’t wrong to cut a toxic friend out because they have a negative effect of your life

If they don’t add postivitiy or value to your life and you don’t add anything good to theirs, it is okay to cut your loses.

Tipsy Elves awkward bye nope yikes GIF

If you have to question if you love someone, chances are you probably don’t

 gossip girl i love you facts chuck bass love quotes GIF

So there’s the top 10 things I wish I knew at secondary school, some are dumb stuff I used to do, others life lessons you pick up along the way. Either way I have learnt my lesson now and no I don’t eat KFC daily anymore!

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