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Hola everyone and welcome to another blog post a la me! This week I wanted to touch on people being negative towards those who do not have the same beliefs. This is more than just being mean because someone eats different foods or shares a different religion, but just having a different lifestyle to you. There are a few people that I follow or view their social media and I’ve noticed such negativity towards those who don’t follow the same path. I feel like this isn’t just wrong but hypocritical as these people claim to be ‘motivational speakers’ or ‘entrepreneurs’ who one second tell you to follow your dreams and work hard, while the next tearing down those dreams when they don’t reflect their own.

Weight and Body Image

This first one is a biggie! So many people tear down others for their weight. Too big, too skinny, too wide and too plain wrong. Statistics even show that both Australia and the UK rank low on positive body image with only 20% of the population admitting that they have high self esteem. Studies show that, around 40% of women say they would consider plastic surgery in the future and roughly 20% of teenage boys use unproven drugs or steroids. Our generation is so obsessed with looking and feeling perfect and even I can admit it’s got to me. I’ve been on my way to nights out or a lunch with friends and suddenly got the urge to go home because I don’t feel like I look good enough. sad baby upset emotions disappointed GIF

This is already an issue, therefore when social media influencers make comments about someone not going to the gym enough or not being skinny enough, it’s damaging to triggered or sensitive people.

What drives the individual

Now onto the second and the actual idea for this post which is talking negatively about peoples choices and what drives them. Some people make this whole big song and dance about travelling and ‘experiencing life’, sticking two fingers up to the corporate system while doing all that life offers. Well sorry to burst this bubble, but if you are one of these people… it’s all a pile of bull. Travelling SAFELY, ‘experiencing life’ with things such as festivals/holidays/adrenaline junkie activities, they all cost what?


 food money 2 broke girls max black gummy bears GIF

And unless you have the bank of mum and dad or you’ve just plain robbed a bank, you need to work to pay for these amazing experiences because they cost. Whether the cost is your time, energy, soullll *disney villain voice* or your own money, amazing experiences are never 100% free. These influencers who moan and roll their eyes at corporate adults in suits who work a Monday – Friday 9-5 job are just childish and plain rude. They preach and teach their fans not to judge, but the idea of a parent working to feed their family and they’re begrudged.

Every person has something that drives them to work the way they do. For me personally, I am not ashamed to admit that one of the things that drives me is money ¬†and the other is making people around me happy or proud of what I do. Seeing my Grandad smile when I get a good grade or my friends happy that I’ve done something good is what adds value to something for me. I grew up with not a lot of money, therefore ‘working to live’ is a saying that I believe ardently in. If doing free internships or wanting a stable city job makes me a slave to society, then imma wear my chains and shackles like a gorgeous new accessory.

 ghost christmas movies muppets bdsm chains GIF

Social media influencers need to stop bad mouthing strangers who choose to walk down a different road to them. If you want to be 15st and it makes you happy, don’t try to shrink yourself to appear ‘normal’ to society. Lil secret- Nobody is normal! If working 9-5 in Canary Wharf is where you want your life to go, carry on. If travelling the world and living as sustainable as possible is your choice, good for you. And to those people out there who thinks it’s okay to shame others based on a choice that’s really none of your business…shhh ya mouth and behave. In the words of Tyra Banks ‘Learn something from this…you take responsibility for yourself’. dean winchester jensen ackles antm tyra banks lovely people GIF

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