Monthly Favourites

Happy Thursday to all of you!

This week I decided to do a post on the things that I have loved so far this month!

Phone cases

For those of you who don’t know me that well, I am obsessed with anything that is pink or marble. If it’s pink and marble I am the happiest bunny on the joint. Therefore, when the chance came to create my very own custom iPhone case in pink…marble and with my initials, obviously I jumped at it! Thank you so much to Caseapp for your help and inspo for the most beautiful phone cases ever!

If you want to get yourself a gorgeous iPhone case or customized laptop skin then you can with an extra 20% off when you use my code ‘MCKENZIE20’. You can go glossy or matte, and even upload your own cute pictures onto the case!


Foot Masks

Sounds gross but it is so much fun and easy to put on. You can get them in most drugstores such as Superdrug and savers. They’re basically like socks that you put on which have a moisturizing mask in them that leave your feet smelling good and feeling soft. Walking about in little mask booties is so entertaining and you can get them for a couple of pounds. You should definitely try them out!!

Crest Teeth Whitening Strips

The worlds best invention! If you don’t have the money to pay for professional whitening treatment and you’re smart enough not to fall for the charcoal powder treatments then this is for you! You can get the strips anywhere online, I get mine from ‘Pravin Products’ on depop. The strips go onto the front of your teeth for around 30 mins and you do the treatment for around a few days to a week every 6 months. They have left me with pearly whites and a new found confidence for a fraction of the price of professional whitening.


Artist/Music of the month: Florence and the Machine 

This month I got back into an artist that I used to adore when I was in school. For some reason, Florence and the Machine were not in my Spotify playlists and it wasn’t until a housemate played one of her songs that I remembered what a gem she is as an artist. If you’re like me and used to listen to her but lost it along the way then this post is your reminder. If you haven’t discovered her yet then first you are ridiculously late and second listen to her now! My fav album at the moment is the ‘Between two lungs’ album.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 14.52.34

Tv Show/Film of the month: Sex and the City

Again super late to the game but I was re-watching the movies and realized that I had watched episodes but never watched all 6 seasons start to finish in order. So this month I have been plowing through the 90’s show and I am obsessed. For those who haven’t watched any of the franchise, it is a show about four women who are best friends living in New York. The show revolves around their love lives and the issues of love and sex that women used to face. Despite it being a show in the 90s, a lot of the themes and problems that happen to the women are still happening to women today and are crazy relatable as well as entertaining. My favorite character has got to be Samantha, she’s independent, sexy, funny and does not care what people think of her. Her ambition and confidence have made her my fictional muse!



Jess xo

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