Is being too woke bad for you?

Time to offend some fuckers with a post on being woke. I am half white and half black, I call myself an intersectional feminist and recently coming to terms with being within LGBTQ+. Therefore, you can work out what I get passionate over. However, it is annoying when people who claim to share my passions, go Nazi extreme on that ish. Everything is PC now and, in my opinion, it is going too far.

‘Man-Sized’ tissues, straight people entering a gay club with a gay friend, not sharing the same political party, not understanding trans. These are not issues compared to male suicide, straight men in America shooting homosexuals, physically attacking political opposition and fighting against rights for transgender.

‘Feminists’ are in the news for bitching about big tissues, wanting to ban Disney movies and getting rid of Barbie (You can piss off, Barbie is a low-key sassy heroine). Real feminists are working with Amnesty to make FGM illegal, hosting women’s networking events, and raising awareness for problems such as male mental health and domestic abuse. We don’t give a fuck about tissues or cartoons.

Another community misunderstood (I am not one I like ma fishy) are vegans. Media only shares the bullies, the extremists and the ones who go too far. I have many vegan friends, and although they do not agree with my lifestyle, if I decide to eat meat around them they don’t scream in my face or throw blood at me. They roll their eyes and we carry on with our meal.

Everything is so PC, that nobody can say anything anymore without being attacked by another social group. Feminists accused of not caring about men, vegans choosing animals over humans and white men automatically being blamed for just existing.

Take my fun little quiz below to see if you are too woke for your own good.

  1. Have you lost friends over your beliefs?
  2. Would you distance yourself from a person with differing beliefs?
  3. Have you ever felt anger bubbling up inside because you’re that passionate about a subject?
  4. Do you regularly get involved in debates over social media?
  5. If someone shares something you have an opinion over do you or are you wanting to comment your opinion?

If YES to 3 or more….then i’m afraid you are too woke. So take a chill pill and let people be.


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