Why feminism should have no race

Hola! It’s your number 1 annoying lil mixed lass, back at it again with feminism. Today’s post is based on something I heard at a feminist event from a Muslim speaker. The girl was asked how did she manage to be a Muslim and following the rules whilst being a strong feminist. She responded by telling us that feminism shouldn’t have a race or religion, sexuality or gender. Feminism to a real feminist is about equality. That a woman abusing a man should be taken just as seriously as a man hitting a woman. That white problems are still issues for ethnic minorities.

Don’t get me wrong I have noticed the feminist audience and most events it is predominantly white, middle-class females. This has caused some stereotype that this is the poster feminist and no other type need apply. I have been at feminist events where I have been the only afro Caribbean representation in the room. Because minorities feel that it’s a white women cause.

I find this odd because sure minorities deal with more than a white woman could endure, but the ‘white women’ problems apply to everyone. Gender pay gap, rape, domestic abuse, sexual harassment and body image are universal. If feminism is about improving equality, then shouldn’t everyone be a feminist?

Unpopular opinion but I think in some countries (Cough America Cough) white feminists being the face of feminism is a good thing. In some states, a white girl can do stuff that a black woman can’t. WHITE PRIVILEGE.  But if used in the right way, white women can fight for ethnic minority issues and be heard.

Overall, I think feminism is for everyone. This weeks outrage on Alabama abortion is an example of why we need feminism. Making it illegal to abort a child even if there is rape, incest or potential death involved is illegal. Women will be forced to carry children that they do not want, if they decide to raise it, there’s a chance they won’t be paid for maternity leave, and a child costs money. If they choose not to keep it, the child will go into a system where they could struggle, be abused and used. The law was passed by men. No matter what your race in America as a women, it’s a problem for all women.

Feminism has no race, gender, sexuality, religion.

If you believe that men and women should have equal human rights… then sorry to inform you that you too are a feminist!


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